UWTO Batam: Comprehensive Guide to Land Leases Development

UWTO Batam

Understanding UWTO in Batam: A Comprehensive Guide

Uang Wajib Tahunan Otorita (UWTO) is an essential aspect of land management in Batam, Indonesia. Regulated by the Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority (BP Batam), this annual land lease fee is crucial for the city’s infrastructure and urban planning. In this guide, we will delve into the various facets of UWTO, including its purpose, payment processes, impact on Batam’s growth, and the procedures for its extension.

What is UWTO?

BP Batam requires individuals and businesses allocated land to make a land lease payment called UWTO, or the Annual Mandatory Fee. This fee ensures the legality of land use and supports the city’s development through various public infrastructure projects. BP Batam oversees the fee structure and regulations, ensuring they use the funds collected from UWTO effectively for the community’s benefit.

Purpose of UWTO

The primary purpose of UWTO is to fund the development and maintenance of Batam’s infrastructure. This includes constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, airports, and water reservoirs. UWTO funds have financed iconic structures like the Barelang Bridge and various highways. (Batam Pos)​. Additionally, these funds help maintain green spaces and public areas, promoting sustainable urban development and ensuring that Batam remains an attractive destination for residents and investors​ (Batam Pos)​​ (Batam Rumah Kita)​.

BP Batam reinvests the revenue generated from UWTO into the city, facilitating projects that enhance the overall quality of life. For example, UWTO funds contribute to the upkeep of public facilities such as parks and recreational areas, ensuring that they remain accessible and well-maintained for everyone. By doing so, BP Batam creates an environment conducive to growth and development, attracting more businesses and residents to the area.

Payment Process

The UWTO payment process begins when an applicant receives a Land Allocation Decision Letter (Surat Keputusan Pengalokasian Lahan – SKPL) from BP Batam. The letter contains a detailed invoice stating the amount due and the deadline for payment. Applicants must settle this payment within the specified period to validate their land allocation​ (LMS Online)​​ (btm.co.id)​.

The steps for making UWTO payments are as follows:

  1. Receive the SKPL: The applicant receives the Land Allocation Decision Letter along with an invoice.
  2. Make the Payment: The payment must be made to a designated bank account specified by BP Batam. Adhering to the deadline is crucial to avoid cancellation of the land allocation.
  3. Submit Proof of Payment: Once the payment is made, applicants must submit proof of payment to BP Batam to complete the process.

BP Batam has introduced online services to streamline this process. Applicants can manage their payments and check the status of their applications through the BP Batam online portal, making the entire process more convenient and transparent​ (btm.co.id)​.

Lease Duration

The duration of land allocation under UWTO Batam varies depending on the type of land use and the applicant’s status. Typically, we approve the allocation initially for 30 years, with the option to extend it for another 20 years and further renew it for an additional 30 years. These terms apply to both Indonesian citizens and foreign entities, albeit with potential slight variations in specific conditions.(LMS Online)​.

Extension Process

Extending UWTO involves preparing and submitting several documents. The process should begin at least six months before the current term expires to avoid penalties. Here are the required documents for both individual and corporate applicants:

For Individuals:

  • Copy of a valid ID (KTP)
  • Proof of previous UWTO Batam payment
  • Location map (Penetapan Lokasi – PL)
  • The latest decision letter (SPJ or SKEP)
  • Proof of transfer if the land has been sold (if applicable)
  • Copy of the building use rights certificate (HGB)
  • Recent photograph of the location
  • Notarized power of attorney (if applicable)
  • Stamped declaration for those without an HGB

For Companies:

  • Copy of the director’s ID (KTP)
  • Latest company establishment act
  • Proof of previous UWTO Batam payment
  • Location map (PL)
  • The latest decision letter (SPJ or SKEP)
  • Proof of transfer if the land has been sold (if applicable)
  • Copy of the building use rights certificate (HGB)
  • Recent photograph of the location
  • Notarized power of attorney (if applicable)
  • Stamped declaration for those without an HGB

Submit these documents with the extension application form at the Directorate of Land Management service counter, which operates Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 16:00.​ (Batam Rumah Kita)​.

Impact on Batam’s Development

The funds collected from UWTO have significantly contributed to Batam’s development.

For example, Batam’s well-maintained highways and modern infrastructure have been vital in constructing and maintaining essential facilities like roads, bridges, and public amenities. As a result, this enhancement has bolstered Batam’s appeal to investors, setting it apart from other cities in Indonesia. (Batam Pos)​.

UWTO also plays a crucial role in environmental sustainability. The funds are used to preserve and maintain green spaces, parks, and public areas. By prioritizing the maintenance of these areas, BP Batam ensures that the city remains a green and livable space for future generations. Moreover, this focus on sustainability holds particular significance in a swiftly developing urban area such as Batam, necessitating a delicate balance between development and environmental preservation. (Batam Pos)​.

Community Engagement

UWTO’s benefits extend beyond infrastructure and environmental sustainability. The funds support various community development programs that improve the quality of life for Batam’s residents. These programs include educational initiatives, healthcare improvements, and public safety enhancements. By investing in these areas, BP Batam fosters a thriving and engaged community, creating a positive cycle of growth and development​ (Batam Pos)​​ (Batam Rumah Kita)​.


UWTO is a vital component of Batam’s urban planning and development strategy. It ensures that the city’s infrastructure continues to improve and that public spaces are preserved for future generations. By understanding the UWTO process, its purpose, and its impact on Batam, residents and investors can better appreciate the role it plays in shaping the city’s future.

For more detailed information and to manage UWTO payments, visit the BP Batam official website or local news outlets:

This comprehensive guide should provide a deeper understanding of UWTO and its significance in Batam. By adhering to the guidelines and staying informed, landholders can ensure their investments are secure and contribute to the ongoing development of this vibrant city.

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